Monday, October 25, 2010

Chick lit with Anne Harwell


This weeks Chick Lit selection comes from the wonderful artist Anne Harwell of Annechovie. I've known Anne since I first began blogging almost 2 years ago! She is truly one of the most supporting and kind artists I've met online! Be sure to stop by and check out her beautiful bold, bright patterned chair illustrations and say hello!

Anne's selection: Flat Stanely
Written by Jeff Brown
Images by Tomi Ungerer
and Scott Nash

In Anne's words:

I'd have to say my favorite children's book is Flat Stanley. It captured my imagination as a kid because I had a serious case of wanderlust and it's about a boy named Stanley whose bulletin board falls on him while he's sleeping.

The good part is that, unlike what would happen in reality, Stanley is completely unharmed, yet completely flattened at the same time.

His "flat" status opens the doors to seriously discounted travel....not via internet discount sites, but via being mailed everywhere in an envelope! He's able to visit relatives and go all sorts of places.

He finally decides he misses being 3 dimensional, so, not a problem! They pull out the trusty bicycle pump and he regains his 3D status back in no time FLAT. Haha, apologies for the pun!

As one of the escapees from a hatch that included 31 brethren, 29 of which were flattened, Chick can relate. Oh that they could be like Flat Stanley! But alas, they couldn't be. Like Stanley Chick's a survivor, although he doesn't know why... And like Flat Stanley, Chick gets pumped up too, not with a bicycle pump but with gassy meatballs!

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  1. Anne, I've never read that book! I'm putting it on our christmas list right now! It sounds wonderful. Loved this post!