Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chick Lit with Amy Ng
So excited to have Amy of Pikaland as our fist Chick Lit contributor! Amy is my co-creator/conspirator for Pikaland Bootcamp and one of the most nurturing people I've meet! Creating a supportive home and continual source of inspiration for artists, illustrators and bloggers alike!

Amy's pick: I Can Fly
by Ruth Krauss
Illustrations by Mary Blair

In Amy's words:

"I Can Fly" is one of my favorite books as a child because it inspired me!

It made me think that I was able to accomplish whatever I set my mind to --

we're not talking about piling up fluffy cushions on my back so that I can be a camel, or that when I flap my hands about I can fly --

it's more than that.

At its core (or at least what I believe it to be) the book's message stimulated my mind to wonder about the possibilities of turning myself into whatever I envision myself to be.

And that is still very useful, especially when I'm all grown up! ;)

Chick says when I grow up I'm gonna be a chicken! He wants to fly too, although maybe literally. He loves the bright colors, especially all those flowers and her connection to animals and nature. He'd feel right at home eatin a big meatball in that big red chair! And that chicken riding in the train on the back definitely caught his eye... hmm maybe Chick needs some friends to share his meatballs with so he can fly too! Great pick Amy!

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